Shiny English lamanamal

Who is this course for?

Are you interested in personal growth?

Are you seeking to improve your English by using it?


If your answer is yes and you have reached upper-intermediate level of English or above, this course is for you. Whether you are a student, worker, businessperson, teenager or adult is not important.

We will use English as a means to access content from inspiring sources, discuss different aspects of mindful living and apply the mediated knowledge in exercises and worksheets. There will also be space for students to talk about their personal lives‘ issues and questions.


What value is there for you?

Personal Growth English is a unique combination of two needs being met: the need to use and improve English skills in practical life and the need to take care of our well-being. Personal Growth English courses offer one solution to at least two needs of the modern person, who is moving, communicating and searching.

How does it work?

Pick a topic of your interest from the offer.

Be connected to the internet and in a pleasant environment.

That’s it. In each course, we will cover reading and listening materials from inspiring authors. We will also focus on practical exercises, helping you to apply the theory in your daily life.


You become what you study.

~ Robert Kiyosaki


The body’s wisdom

Everything we need to be healthy is already present in our body. Alongside the deep wisdom, toxines in the form of emotional garbage can also be stored deep in our cells. We are going to look into how unresolved emotions and our subconscious programmes decisively influence our state of health.

Body’s emotional memory

Emotional state & physical health


Exercise   Self-care strategies (Deepak Chopra)

Additional  The journey therapy (Brandon Bays)

Inspiration  The Journey (Brandon Bays), You are the placebo & Becoming supernatural (Joe Dispenza), Deepak Chopra’s teachings


Shiny Relationships

Healthy relationships result from clear communication of needs and emphatetic listening. The mentality we apply when communicating is often centered around feelings of guilt and shaming. Shiny communication reveals the immense healing power of pure empathy and simple listening.

Request & demand

Sweet pain

Exercise  Non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

Inspiration  A Return to Love (Marianne Williamson), Non-violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg), The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)


The most precious time

Time is the most valuable asset we possess. Every one of us has at our disposal exactly the same amount of time. Are we using this asset to live up to our highest potential? Or are we wasting time with unnecessities? How can we harness our time to be more creative and productive?

Tiny daily habits

Acceleration & Navigation

Exercise  Habits scorecard & habit tracker

Additional  Creating new habits, breaking old habits (series of short English sessions)

Inspiration Atomic Habits (James Clear), The magic of not giving a fu°k (Sarah Knight), A valuable lesson for a happier life (video)